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San Juan Strong is owned by Valarie Keaton and Paul Walsh, a local couple who have lived in Friday Harbor full time since 2011. Valarie, a knitting pattern designer, weaver, spinner, and gardener who loves to cook and bake is also a licensed massage therapist and certified Hellerwork Practitioner who has been practicing since 1983. Paul, who loves the zen of mowing a 4 acre meadow, is an actor, poet, amateur astronomer and web designer.


After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, Valarie went on a research bender to find out how to increase her bone density safely without taking drugs. An old friend and work associate, Dr. Judy Lane, told her about osteogenic loading and the bioDensity machine. After extensive reading and a trip to Seattle to personally experience the equipment, Valarie and Paul were convinced that the combination of bioDensity exercises and whole body vibration is a therapeutic protocol that could make a real difference and help with a variety of health conditions, primarily bone loss and type 2 diabetes.


We decided to add the equipment to Valarie’s private practice in downtown Friday Harbor. Along with Valarie’s associate, Ciely Ti Gray, we are trained and certified to coach clients through the osteogenic loading and whole body vibration program.


We are located at 90 Nichols Street 
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

We are not able to offer free parking but appointments for these services are seldom over 15 minutes so you will always be well within the time-limit buffer for nearby street parking.

Valarie Keaton and Paul Walsh

 Our Associate, Ciely Ti Gray
Ciely Ti Gray has been a massage therapist for over 40 years and is also certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. She began working with Valarie Keaton at their current office in 2014. She will be joining Paul and Valarie as a coach at San Juan Strong helping you to maintain or re-build your bone density for life.

In addition to assisting you with bioDensity(tm) and whole body vibration, she is available to explore the nutrition and lifestyle factors that have an influence on your bones as well. You can find more information at her website https://wakeup.health/  and book a free ‘Wakeup’ call to discuss these additional actions you can take.


Our office is a charming grey cottage located in the quiet courtyard behind Cafe Demeter on Nichols Street. Here is a photograph and a map.




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